Holyrood must reject the SNP’s austerity budget

Labour will today seek cross-party support to reject the SNP’s ‘austerity budget’.

A week before the Stage 1 debate of the Scottish budget, Labour will extend parliamentary scrutiny of the budget and call for a cross-party consensus to reject a budget that cuts £327 million from valued local services like schools and care for the elderly.

Speaking ahead of the Labour’s business debate, Scottish Labour deputy leader Alex Rowley said:

“Holyrood has the opportunity today to send a message on the SNP’s austerity budget

Scotland has the power to do things differently now. Instead, Derek Mackay plans to continue cutting into our future, with £327 million of cuts to valued local services like schools and care for the elderly.

The SNP in government has all been about spin and the short term, but Scotland’s sluggish economy is because of a decade of cuts to education budgets. Our NHS is overwhelmed because care for the elderly has been underfunded.

Labour has an alternate plan that would use the new powers of the Scottish Parliament to invest in our public services and grow our economy.”

Impartial experts at the Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe) have confirmed that local authorities face budget cuts of £327 million next year.

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4 thoughts on “Holyrood must reject the SNP’s austerity budget

  1. How much in extra tax does Scottish Labour need to raise to fulfil their stated spending commitments?
    There could well be a Holyrood election soon (March?). It doesn’t take a genius to forecast a new electoral wipeout for Scottish Labour, given their tax proposals and Dugdales flip flopping on the constitution.
    Soon the only sighting for Scottish Labour will be as the weekly guest Gordon Brewer has—-who is usually Labour.

  2. As usual no mention of labour not standing against a Tory Westminster austerity budget which of course reduces the grant Scotland receives.

    Just the usual labour fake.

  3. If 327 million is going to be cut for local services then it can only be cut by local authorities not central Government. Seems we’re getting a view of future Labour council plans ahead of schedule.
    So vote Labour in the local elections and you guarantee at least a cut to local services of 327 million.
    Not a pitch I would campaign on but what do I know?

  4. Wonderful comments on Twitter.

    “The most entertaining thing that could happen in this dull year would be the opposition blocking the budget and forcing a new election.”

    “Labour might do it as a form of euthanasia.”

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