Johnson demands a fair pay deal for social care workers

Scottish Labour has outlined its key demand for next week’s Scottish budget: calling for a fair pay deal for Scotland’s social care workers.

Newly-appointed Finance spokesperson Daniel Johnson MSP said that, with hundreds of millions of pounds still unallocated for the coming year, the Scottish budget must be used to reward Scotland’s heroic social care workers:

“The social care workforce is predominately female and often subject to unscrupulous employment practices. By delivering a fair pay deal for social care workers we can send a message that the days of this vital workforce being neglected are over.”

Scottish Labour tabled an amendment to the budget at its stage one vote to raise the pay of all social care workers to £15 an hour, starting with an immediate increase in pay to £12 an hour.

A survey conducted by the GMB union has revealed that 98 per cent of social care workers feel underpaid, and 52 per cent regard themselves as undervalued by the Scottish Government.

The stage three debate and final vote on the Scottish budget will take place on Tuesday 9th March. Scottish Labour is calling on the SNP to commit additional funds to secure fair pay for social care workers. Johnson added: 

“Scotland’s social care workers have proved their worth beyond any doubt during this pandemic – that so many are stuck on poverty pay is simply wrong. There is no good reason why this budget cannot be used to deliver fair pay for social care workers.”

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  1. £15 per hour for Social Care Workers would be almost £30,000 per year for a full time worker. That is more than fully qualified, degree level, nurses earn. So what hourly rate is being proposed for nurses?

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