Kezia Dugdale’s plan to help first time buyers

Kezia Dugdale will today set out an ambitious plan to help first time buyers in Scotland.

In her first manifesto pledge ahead of the Scottish Parliament election in May, the Scottish Labour Leader will say “bold action” is needed to help young families catch up otherwise “aspiration will simply pass them by”.

Under the SNP Government the number of people in Scotland aged 34 and younger who have bought their own home with a mortgage has fallen by 15%. Just 28% of those aged 16-34 in Scotland now own their home with a mortgage – the lowest level since the Scottish Parliament was established in 1999.

Scottish Labour’s plan would effectively double the help first time buyers currently receive towards saving for a deposit. A person who currently saves through a first-time buyer ISA up to the value of £3,000 would be entitled to an additional £3,000 from a Scottish Labour Government to help toward the cost of a deposit to buy a property. Under this plan, the average couple each saving £100 a month would be able to save for a £15,000 deposit within three years.

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4 thoughts on “Kezia Dugdale’s plan to help first time buyers

  1. How is this supposed to be paid for? I hope its not the magical money tree of Air Passenger Duty that was supposed to pay for Tax Credit cut mitigation. That would be embarrassing.

    1. You know…that’s exactly where it’s coming from….who’d have thought?

  2. Lets hope its not based on making lending easier and paying back harder like it was before under Labour.

  3. O-Kay, Labour has spent a while now attacking the government for giving freebies to the middle class such as free university education and prescriptions. Not Labour comes along and makes the cornerstone of the next Scottish general election yet more goodies for the middle class… Do we not see something rather incoherent about all this?

    Scotland currently builds just over a thousand new council houses every year. That is nowhere near enough to meet demand, but it beats Labour record of less than a hundred a year into a cocked hat. Surely it would make more sense for Labour to promise to increase the number of council houses? That would show that the party had put New Labour behind it, and would have the added bonus of a solid policy that the core vote would support.

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