Labour aim to halve the attainment gap in a decade

Scottish Labour will today table an amendment to the Education (Scotland) Bill to halve the attainment gap in a decade.

Since becoming leader of the Scottish Labour party Kezia Dugdale has forced the attainment gap in our classrooms to the top of the political agenda, with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon saying it is her number one priority.

Scottish Labour has challenged the SNP to match their ambitious target and support their amendment.

Scottish Labour Opportunity spokesperson Iain Gray said:

“This is a key test for the First Minister. Education is the single most important economic policy any government can pursue. If we can give every child a world class education then they, and Scotland, will be able to take advantage of the amazing opportunities the future will bring.

Getting it right in the classrooms today means Scotland accessing the jobs of tomorrow and the industries of the future.

The SNP say we should judge them on their record, but after eight years of SNP rule too many children are left behind and will spend the rest of their lives trying to catch up.

Scottish Labour want to set an ambitious target cutting the gap between the richest and the rest in half over the next decade. We are confident it can be done if our politicians have the right will and our teachers the right resources.

The First Minister has made the attainment gap her number one priority. If that’s the case she should have no issue supporting our amendments to halve the attainment gap.

A child who started high school this year has spent every year of their education under an SNP Government. After eight years in power and a majority in parliament there are no excuses from the SNP not to back Scottish Labour’s plans.”

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One thought on “Labour aim to halve the attainment gap in a decade

  1. So…Labours new “plan” is setting a 95% target for reading well….in line with the SNP health target…..

    That’s it?

    The grand plan?

    Set a target and hope that it’s reached….

    The Scottish government identified a dip in literacy and has taken steps to adress it long ago….

    another Labour stunt

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