Labour to enshrine rights of carers in law

The rights of carers should be enshrined in law.

That’s the message form Scottish Labour Equalities spokesperson Rhoda Grant MSP ahead of the Committee stage of the Carers (Scotland) Bill.

Ms Grant will move amendments to establish a national eligibility threshold for carers, ending the postcode lottery of support for carers across Scotland.

Rhoda Grant will also lodge an amendment to the legislation to establish a Charter of Carers rights, including the right to work, the right to leisure, and the right to health and wellbeing.

Scottish Labour Equalities Spokesperson Rhoda Grant said:

“Scotland’s carers don’t fit a stereotype, we have some carers who are as young as three and carers form a variety of backgrounds and walks of life. But whilst the type of people who are unpaid carers changes from family to family, they all should be entitled to the same support.

Looking after a vulnerable family member or loved one can be an exhausting and stressful. Scotland’s unpaid carers aren’t looking to be treated as victims – they just want the same rights as everyone else.

That’s why Scottish Labour are proud to bring forward amendments to end the postcode lottery for Scotland’s unpaid carers, and enshrine in law rights to work, leisure and health.

It will be for other parties to support our proposals. This is about giving Scotland’s unsung heroes a fair go. After eight years in government and a majority in parliament there is no excuse for the SNP not supporting our plans.”

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