Macintosh: Businesses need policies to help them now

Responding to the publication of SCDI’s ‘Discussions and Priorities’ document, Scottish Labour’s Ken Macintosh MSP, said:

“SCDI has presented a considered view of what business needs to deliver growth in the Scottish economy.

“They rightly focus on the importance of stability and predictability and caution against the volatility of the SNP’s economic plans. This is a thorough piece of work and stands in contrast to the unconvincing “booklet” we saw last week from the First Minister.

“Scottish businesses have raised questions about what independence will mean for them and those questions have so far been met with assertion after upon assertion.

“Businesses are unconvinced by the SNP’s vision for a race to the bottom on corporation tax just as they are unconvinced by their plans on currency, monetary union, oil and gas decommissioning, EU membership and regulation.

“What is quite clear is that businesses are crying out for support now using the many powers of this devolved Parliament to help them grow and to develop. They need policies to help them and a government focused on delivering them now”

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