Labour shadow cabinet meets in Aberdeen

Scottish Labour has called on the people of Aberdeen Donside to send a message to Alex Salmond that his obsession with the referendum is the wrong priority for Scotland by taking away his majority.

The shadow cabinet met in Aberdeen before campaigning in the Aberdeen Donside by-election.

Scottish Labour Leader Johann Lamont warned people in the North East that Alex Salmond will continue to put Scotland ‘on pause’ if he keeps his majority after the by-election.

The only way to get a Parliament which focuses on the priorities of ordinary Scots is to end the SNP’s majority.

Johann Lamont MSP, said: “We want to get out and speak to the people of Aberdeen Donside about their hopes and concerns for their community during this by-election.

“We know Alex Salmond has used his majority to focus on breaking up the United Kingdom, putting all the resources of government into his campaign while ordinary Scots face up to cuts in education, unfair access to health treatment and a squeeze on living standards.

“Despite his rhetoric about protecting public services, we know Scotland has been put on pause while Alex Salmond fights for his one and only priority: independence.

“The people of Aberdeen Donside have a real opportunity to ensure their priorities are reflected in the Scottish Parliament by taking away the SNP’s majority and forcing the SNP to face up to the issues facing real Scots.

“Willie Young will make a fantastic MSP and will stand up for his community. By sending him to Holyrood, the people of Aberdeen Donside can bring about a balanced Parliament that can reflect their priorities, not the SNP’s.”

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