Macintosh: Canavan comments a ‘remarkable intervention’

Responding to comments made by Dennis Canavan that he would wish to see a separate Scotland use its own currency and that he would “aim at” joining the euro, Scottish Labour’s Ken Macintosh MSP, said:

“This is a remarkable intervention, just a day after SNP grandees spoke publicly about their unease with Alex Salmond’s plans.

“Whether or not we keep the pound is a basic question and Dennis Canavan has again exposed the uncertainty which exists at the heart of a campaign which would break up Britain.  The First Minister is trying desperately to assure Scots that everything will continue much as it has before, but the fundamentalists in the nationalist camp give the game away.  If the yes campaign can’t even agree what they mean by independence, it is difficult to see how they can expect Scots to vote for it.

“A vote to end the union next year won’t mean business as usual, it will mean upheaval and uncertainty. Today’s comments from Dennis Canavan confirm that. If his own campaign chair doesn’t back Alex Salmond, why should the Scottish people?”

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One thought on “Macintosh: Canavan comments a ‘remarkable intervention’

  1. Does Alistair Darling agree with David Cameron on the need for an in/out referendum on the EU? No
    Does Nick Clegg agree with Theresa May on withdrawing from the ECHR? No
    Does Denis Canavan agree with Patrick Harvie, Alex Salmond and Blair Jenkins that policy decisions should be made by a democratically elected Scottish government? Why, Yes

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