McMahon: OBR disagrees with the SNP so Swinney wants to set up his own

Responding to comments by John Swinney that the Scottish Government is considering setting up its own version of the Office of Budget Responsibility, Scottish Labour’s Finance Committee member, Michael McMahon MSP, said:

Michael McMahon MSP“It’s only right to be slightly suspicious that as soon as the OBR put out figures which disagree with the SNP, John Swinney decides to set up his own budget review group. John Swinney will try to create an organisation which will agree with him.

“As usual, the SNP simply don’t want to listen to anyone who disagrees with their policy or views.

“But if a truly independent budgetary oversight body was set up for Scotland, then at least we might not have Alex Salmond and Mike Russell telling us that budgets are going up when they are actually going down. We may just get some trustworthy information from the SNP Government – that would be a first.

“However, right now, you can’t trust a word that comes of Ministers’ mouths.”



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