Majority of Labour MSPs call for Corbyn to stand down

13 Scottish Labour MSPs – a majority of Labour MSPs in the Scottish Parliament – have today issued a statement calling for UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to stand down.

The statement is as follows:

The first duty of the Labour Party is to provide an effective voice for working people in communities, council chambers, Assemblies and Parliaments across the UK. All of us joined the Labour Party because we aspire to deliver Labour Governments in Scotland and across the UK.

As Parliamentarians, and the elected representatives in a parliament representing millions of people – including Labour voters – across Scotland, we would expect any Leader to reflect seriously on such a substantial vote of no confidence. As Kezia Dugdale rightly said, if she could not command the confidence of 80% of her Labour Group then she would consider her position.

In circumstances where a General Election may be called in the next few weeks or months, we believe that the Leader of the Labour Party has to have the confidence of the MPs he leads in order to be our candidate for Prime Minister.

It is deeply regrettable that we have to make such a statement, but for the good of the party and, more importantly, the country we believe Jeremy Corbyn, who is a principled man, must do the right thing and allow the party to once again provide effective opposition and regroup as a credible party of Government.

Jackie Baillie MSP
Claire Baker MSP
Claudia Beamish MSP
Neil Bibby MSP
Mary Fee MSP – Scottish Parliament Group Chair
Iain Gray MSP
Mark Griffin MSP
Daniel Johnson MSP
James Kelly MSP
Johann Lamont MSP
Lewis Macdonald MSP
Anas Sarwar MSP
Colin Smyth MSP

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7 thoughts on “Majority of Labour MSPs call for Corbyn to stand down

  1. And how sad is it that 13 is a majority! I could get 14 people with the opposite opinion in the pub. Why is this type of thing filling Labour Hame rather than using the processes of the party to promote policies on zero hours jobs, social housing, publicly controlled transport.I am disappointed in the time spent by paid elected members on this issue.

  2. I am so disappointed in these MSP’s, we are completely disregarding the will of the people.

  3. Oh shocker a whos who of Red Tory Labour Blairites voting against their Social Democratic elected leader.

    It cracks me because if they actually succeed in breaking Corbyn and forcing him to step down then they are utterly and truly finished with what little electorate they have left. They must know this. Seriously nobody can be this stupid short of suicidal.

  4. Isnt 13 a coven?
    Perhaps they should be burned at the stake for utter stupidity.

    They have started a revolution against Corbyn, but all the rebels have done is highlight the fact that Labour is split between the PLP and the rest.
    Having broadcast THAT to the world, they have stalled, and chickened out of doing the dirty deed.——The worst of all worlds, in a political sense—or senselessness.

  5. It’s funny how their all good at signing statements, but no-one will actually challenge Jeremy Corbyn directly, instead they are all praying he will stand down by himself so that they don’t have to face him in a vote by the labour membership.

    Because he would win.

    The world is watching, and laughing.

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