Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale said:

“This is a barbaric and sickening attack, targeted at young and vulnerable people enjoying a night at a concert.

It is a heartbreaking moment for our country, and our thoughts are with the families and friends of those who have lost their lives and with those who are injured.

Across the UK we are today grieving for the people of Manchester. I pay tribute to the dedication of the brave emergency service workers who ran into danger.

We have all been moved by the actions of ordinary people who opened their doors, cared for scared youngsters, provided transport to concert-goers, and are giving blood at donor banks to help those injured. This great city is today demonstrating to the world the true spirit of Manchester.

As a mark of respect, Scottish Labour will be suspending all General Election campaigning today.”

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2 thoughts on “Manchester

  1. Whatever our views on Brexit, Scottish Independence, austerity, or any other issue that may divide us, we can all stand together as humanity against barbarity.

    1. Absolutely, but it has to mean ALL humanity against ALL barbarity.
      The sight of western politicians snuggling up to the Saudi’s, for example, to sell them weapons, when they know its the place which pays for, and exports Sunni Jihad is sickening. But there are many rotten regimes round the world, the House of Saud is not alone, and we sell weapons to most of them.
      We in the west bomb from 50,000 ft. We send missiles and drones to kill “enemies” and if innocent by-standers are also killed, well tough. We rendition and torture our “enemies”. We do it collectively, to spread the guilt around.

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