Most new jobs in Scotland low paid and insecure

Six out of ten jobs created under the SNP Government in the last four years have been in low paid, insecure work.

New analysis released by Scottish Labour ahead of John Swinney’s address to the SNP conference found that the majority of jobs created since the SNP formed a majority government in Edinburgh have been in industries less likely to pay the living wage and more likely to use exploitative zero hours contracts.

Scottish Labour also highlighted that new statistics this week showed employment in Scotland falling further below pre-recession levels, while it has rebounded across the UK.

Scottish Labour Public Services Spokesperson Jackie Baillie said:

“Just this week we saw figures that over 400,000 people in Scotland earn less than the living wage. That’s just not right. Everyone deserves a fair day’s pay for a hard day’s work.

Incomes are only going to be hit harder when the Chancellor’s plans to slash tax credits hits thousands of families across Scotland. Cuts that independent experts say will leave the poorest families in Scotland more than £500 worse off.

The SNP have had the chance to extend the living wage, but they voted with the Tories against Labour’s plans to give a pay rise to more low paid people like cleaners, carers and hospitality staff. We are seeing fewer jobs under this SNP Government than in 2008, and six in ten of new jobs are low paid.

John Swinney should use his speech to announce that the SNP will extend the living wage to all staff on public contracts.”

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