New Zealand Labour leader to address Scottish Labour conference

The leader of the New Zealand Labour Party will address Scottish Labour Conference in Perth this weekend.

Andrew Little will deliver a speech to delegates on Friday.

Mr Little, elected leader of the New Zealand Labour party in 2014, will tell conference that the challenges facing the Labour movement are similar regardless of country – highlighting areas such as housing, education and health.

Speaking ahead of conference, New Zealand Labour leader Andrew Little said:

“As sister parties New Zealand Labour and Scottish Labour share many values and hold similar aspirations for the people we offer to serve.

After losing office at similar times following a long period of government, both parties have shared the experience of needing to rebuild and reenergise our movements.

With similar population sizes and strong family and cultural ties going back generations there is much that binds our two countries. I also hope my visit will allow us to exchange further policy ideas, particularly in the areas of work, education and health.

We’re also battling a chronic shortage of affordable homes so it is an opportunity to explore Labour solutions to this most basic human need.

New Zealand Labour had to learn how to adapt in thinking, culture and campaigning to a system of proportional representation similar to that used by the Scottish Parliament. I’m looking forward to sharing our experience of how to renew and refresh a party with a rich history of progress for working people to suit new political times.

In particular I have heard many positive things about Kezia Dugdale and we admire her strength and determination in taking on the urgent task of rebuilding Labour in Scotland. I want this to be a relationship between our parties that sees us through into government in both countries over the coming years.”

Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale said:

“I’m delighted Andrew will be addressing Scottish Labour conference this weekend in Perth.

Scottish Labour is determined to rebuild so we can regain the trust of the Scottish people. We’re asking people to take a fresh look at the Scottish Labour Party.

The challenges faced by the Labour movement are not confined by borders or flags. The same path ahead of us in Scotland is facing Labour in New Zealand.

What’s striking is that although we’re on different hemispheres, our goals and values are the same – a better health service, closing the gap between the richest and the rest in our schools, and good quality housing for all.

I look forward to welcoming Andrew to Scotland – as long as he doesn’t mention the rugby.”

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  1. The latest Colmar Brunton polling has NZ Labour running at 31%, while Andrew Little personally, has only the support of 8% of the public.
    Good Luck !
    I think this is like asking Murphy back, to rally the troops.

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