Nicola Sturgeon must correct the record on job losses

Nicola Sturgeon must return to Parliament next week to correct the record on job losses.

At First Minister’s Questions yesterday, Nicola Sturgeon accused Kezia Dugdale of exaggerating the number of jobs that will be lost as a result of the SNP’s cuts.

The First Minister said:

“The reason why it is important to treat these issues seriously and not to be irresponsible in exaggerating is illustrated by something that Kezia Dugdale said in the chamber yesterday, which was repeated by Jackie Baillie. She said that Clackmannanshire Council was going to reduce the number of its jobs by 350. That is a puzzling claim, because Clackmannanshire Council’s budget was set the day before yesterday and the actual number is less than a third of the one that Kezia Dugdale cited.”

However, an email sent today by the Deputy Chief Executive of Clackmannanshire Council to the office of Labour MSP Richard Simpson confirms the First Minister was wrong. Nikki Bridle writes:

“The Interim Workforce Strategy is supported by a Workforce Planning Business case which provides an estimate of potential reductions in the Workforce over the next three years (2016/17 to 2018/19) based on a range of assumptions, indicating that dependent on Council decisions on policy priorities and future financial settlements , the figure may increase or decrease. However, the estimated figure is stated as 320-350 FTEs [Full Time Equivalent posts]. This figure was the reference point for the recently approved Council Budget.”

On Wednesday the Deputy First Minister John Swinney said claims about job losses have been “utterly exaggerated”. Trade unions have said that thousands of jobs will be lost because of the SNP’s budget cuts for next year.

At First Minister’s Questions yesterday Nicola Sturgeon was asked by Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale to set out how many jobs will be lost as a result of the SNP’s budget. The First Minister refused to do so.

Labour produced a plan during the budget process to set a Scottish rate of Income Tax 1p higher than the rate set by George Osborne. This would have increased the Scottish Government’s budget by more than £100 million for 2016/17 and stopped the SNP’s cuts to schools and other vital public services. The SNP and the Tories stood shoulder to shoulder to vote against this plan and for more cuts.

Scottish Labour Deputy Leader Alex Rowley said:

“Nicola Sturgeon must return to Parliament and correct the record. The First Minister tried to dismiss the number of workers losing their jobs because of SNP cuts, but the reality is very different. Up to 350 jobs will be lost over the next three years in Clackmannanshire alone. Nicola Sturgeon should now apologise to the workers and be honest about the scale of the job losses caused by SNP cuts.

Given the scale of the job losses across the country the SNP Government should set out how they intend to support those losing their jobs to find employment just as they have done in every other sector in Scotland.

Trade unions have been clear that the SNP’s cuts will mean thousands of jobs will be lost and local services like schools will face major cuts. Instead of denying the reality the SNP should use the powers we have to stop the Scottish Parliament being a conveyor belt for austerity.

Faced with a choice between using the powers of our Parliament to invest or backing the SNP’s cuts to schools and other vital services, we back to use our powers.”

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13 thoughts on “Nicola Sturgeon must correct the record on job losses

  1. Is this for real? Labour caught bare faced lying and they continue to deny it by using themselves as a source for their version of what they want us to believe.

    Its get more dire by the day.

  2. Two comments posted for three to four days, and no denials/replys, was it something we said !!!

    1. Accusations of misleading parliament are serious…..if they accuse someone of it they had better come loaded with the facts….otherwise the accuser is the one who is hung out to dry…..

      Duncan and Dr Scott stay quiet for self preservation

      1. The proof of her misleading parliament is there in black and white. Don’t mistake not caring about the prattlings of idiots with being proved wrong.

        1. Ah so you thought the article was idiotic as well Duncan. This is probably the first time we will back you on that.

        2. “The proof of her misleading parliament is there in black and white. Don’t mistake not caring about the prattlings of idiots with being proved wrong.”

          labour quoted that job losses would be 350…..

          Clackmannashire councils own budget statement shows the agreed savings of 106.58 FTE posts.

          Nicola stated that the clackmannanshire cuts are less than a third of what Kez and Baillie quoted

          Last time I looked 106.58 is less than a third of 350….so who is correct.

          Kez, Baillie and The deputy chief officer who likes to email quote 350…..
          The actual council press release and agreed budget for the upcoming year quote 106.58 FTE…

          So who do we believe?
          Labours approximate around 350 figure
          or the official publicised council budget of 106.58 FTE..

          Since Labourithmetic has shown to be flawed I’ll go with the official release of the council quoted by the FM…

          Note the response a FMQ involved a fair number of councils admitting their would be no hob losses and since Labour can’t break the figure down (it’s an estimate…which is just a guess) Labour are in no position to call out anyone…

          Will Kez now retract her statement that is add odds with the official council budget statement?

          1. The official budget statement says 300-350 jobs lost. It’s there in black and white. Nicola was wrong. And by the looks of this morning, she’s realised it.

        3. A direct quote from Clacksweb – the official website of clackmannanshire council….

          A report on the uptake of targeted voluntary redundancy will be brought back to Council once the indicative uptake has been confirmed. The saving agreed at Council will result in a reduction of 106.58 full time equivalent posts (FTEs), of which 25.9FTEs are currently vacant.

          When somebody posts figures to two decimal places you figure there has to be hard evidence behind it, especially since it is the official release from the council regarding the next years budget….

          so are you seriously accusing Clackmannashire council of misleading the public and the Scottish Government?

          that is the only alternative to Jackie, Kez and the Labour Insider quoting 320-350 and being correct….

          1. The difference is whether you look over one year or three. The budget was set for three years. It was the budget that Kez quoted. It was Kez’s quote that the First Minister denied. Kez was right.

    2. Seen the latest polling Duncan?

      Don’t know what your doing….but keep it up….it’s really working!

      You have a nice day

  3. Oh no, our cover is blown, ok Duncan I confess I am a member of a top secret, ultra 007, Black Ops cybernat hit squad, our mission is to find and destory bullshit articles produced by unionist multi-coloured torys.

    And on behalf of myself and my squad I would to thank you for steady work you and your contributers have gave us, full time work is usually not so easy to find.

    So SHSSsss, lets keep it our little secret.

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