One of the most disgusting spectacles in recent political history

Ruth Davidson is the face of a ‘xenophobic’ and ‘toxic’ Tory Party, Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale said today. Speaking after keynote speeches to the Conservative Party conference from Ms Davidson and Theresa May, Ms Dugdale accused the Tories of ‘morphing into UKIP’. This comes after Home Secretary Amber Rudd said companies will be forced to reveal how many migrant workers they employ.

Kezia Dugdale said:

“This week’s Tory conference will go down as one of the most disgusting spectacles in recent political history.

Just because UKIP has created a leadership vacancy, it does not mean that Theresa May should try to fill it. The Tories appear to be morphing into UKIP. The chilling suggestion that firms should be forced to reveal how many migrant workers they employ shows just how xenophobic and vindictive the modern Tory Party has become.

Scottish Labour is clear – this is not the Britain we want to see.

Ruth Davidson’s speech shows that she was clearly embarrassed by the comments from her colleagues, but was still prepared to be the warm-up act for Theresa May. She is the face of a Conservative Party that is rotten to its core – a xenophobic and toxic party.

This week’s conference has proved that we need a strong Labour Party to fight the Tories’ toxic plans and deliver real change for the people of the Scotland and the UK.”

On Ruth Davidson’s comments about a second independence referendum, Shadow Scottish Secretary Dave Anderson MP said:

“Ruth Davidson’s party has caused as much division as the SNP has. It is the Tories who pushed through English Votes for English Laws (EVEL), ran a General Election campaign that was designed to split the Scots and the English, and completely failed to plan for Brexit.

Labour is firmly opposed to a second independence referendum. While the SNP and the Tories are obsessed with the arguments of the past, it is only Labour that has a plan to face the challenges of the future.”

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7 thoughts on “One of the most disgusting spectacles in recent political history

  1. “Labour is firmly opposed to a second independence referendum.”

    What a surprise !!!, the usual hot air but nothing else, Labour will still back the tories & libdems against Scottish independence even when it is against Scotlands interest.

    And just to repeat yet again for all you YOONS, you cannot be in the EU and the Union with Brexit, make yer pick.

  2. Labour stood firm with the Tories re: Indyref 1. By being “firmly opposed to a second independence referendum” they are again standing firm with the Tories. Same old same old.

  3. Christ, really!? We have an actual fascist in Downing Street and you are still peddling the ‘better together’ line and taking digs at the SNP? For the love of all that is holy, either get some perspective or get out of politics!

  4. Explain this, “She is the face of a Conservative Party that is rotten to its core, a xenophobic and toxic party.”, now I can’t argue with any of that sentence.

    So why do you vote with them, why don’t you stand up for the people of Scotland and help them gain their independence from the control of such a vile political party.

    labour in Scotland at one time had a purpose, now you don’t know if your farting or shitting or got yer heed doon the bowel, the fact is probably all three.

    You have now seen what type of schemes the Tories are thinking of, do you want to be part of that !!! do you want to return to the thinking of the 1930’s. Are you prepared to sell your own country out for a miserly 30 pieces of silver in the Westminster trough.

    Its the Tories or Scotland your choice.

  5. And still Dugdale refuses to join the left of centre alliance against the growing Tory xenophobia.

    Would rather stand shoulder to shoulder with Ruth Davidson and her xenophobic fascists than be seen standing next to Nicola Sturgeon Natalie Bennett and Leanne Wood.

    Union at any price including fascist xenophobia. Probably prefers sharing platforms with Ruth Davidson than Jeremy Corbyn.

  6. Even this could very well be topped in Tory Bliar is allowed to return to mainstream politics in the UK.

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