Over 140,000 care workers would benefit from Labour’s National Guarantee

More than 140,000 care workers would benefit from Scottish Labour’s plans for a National Care Workers’ Guarantee.

The National Guarantee would mean:

  • Every care worker paid the living wage
  • Ensuring they are paid for travel cost and travel time
  • No zero hour contracts
  • Appropriate training for staff

Labour-led Renfrewshire Council has already implemented these key targets, and service users and staff are seeing the benefits with improved productivity and reduced staff turnover.

Official statistics estimate there are over 140,000 part time and full time care workers in Scotland. The Scottish Parliament Information Centre has previously estimated that 39,000 care workers could benefit from Labour’s living wage policy.

Labour would work with local authorities, health sector and private providers to ensure a National Guarantee for care workers on terms and conditions.

Labour said that professionalising the work force was vital to ensure the health service is fit to meet the challenges of the future.

Scottish Labour Equality spokesperson Jenny Marra said:

“Thousands of care workers will be at their jobs across Scotland over Christmas and Scottish Labour wants to give care workers a fair deal.

It’s the right thing for workers and it will raise standards across the service, ensuring that those who receive care get a better quality of care.

Our NHS will feel the benefit too. A motivated workforce supported by more investment will keep more patients out of hospital, giving them the dignity of care in their own home and relieving the pressure on our hospitals.

It’s time to end the sticking plaster approach to our health service and get serious about social care as a vital part of a sustainable NHS for the long term.”

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  1. Problem is Labour cant guarantee anything to anybody unless it robs Peter to pay Paul which brings the problem of credibility because labour refuse to admit that’s exactly what they would have to do in order to provide any extra funding to anybody.

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