‘Police Scotland must become more transparent’ – Pearson

Today the Scottish Sun reports that Police Scotland have refused to say how many times a vital system for 999/101 incidents had crashed.

Commenting on the reports, Scottish Labour Justice Spokesperson Graeme Pearson said:

“People just want a police service that will keep our communities safe and be there when they need their help.

There’s a culture of secrecy around Police Scotland that simply has to go. This year we have seen the reputation of Scottish policing dragged through the mud.

Given the existence of a STORM system is already in the public domain it seems the refusal to share at least the basic information about how many crashes is more to do with concealing a failure to fix this important system than protect the organisation from an attack

After a series of scandals the top brass closed ranks and let rank and file officers take the blame.

In the coming days I will be publishing my policing review, which will put transparency and accountability at the heart of reforming Police Scotland. Scots deserve a force they have faith in, and hardworking staff and officers deserve a force which supports them.”

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