Salmond wins backing from Tehran

The SNP have a new champion – but they might not want to shout about it.

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has revealed himself as a supporter of Scottish independence.

Speaking at a press conference at the United Nations in New York, he accused the Security Council of being silent over nationalist struggles in Western Europe.

Ahmadinejad said: “For many, many years the people in Ireland they have been fighting, in Scotland they have been fighting, in Wales they have been fighting, Corsica in France, the Basque movement in Spain.”

Who knows? Maybe, Alex Salmond could even extend an invitation to join him on the campaign trail.

The Iranian President would fit in perfectly. He has even more money than Brian Souter and when it comes to gay rights, he makes the Stagecoach boss look like Peter Tatchell.

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8 thoughts on “Salmond wins backing from Tehran

  1. This is not your finest moment. You need to recruit people, not continue to alienate them.

  2. The “humourless nats” are having the last laugh on the attempted attack on the SNP as a supposedly homophobic party-the late Edwin Morgan (for a time my English tutor at Glasgow University) and who unsurprisingly acknowledged openly that he was gay, has left £1 million in his will to the SNP.

    1. Fortunately, only the seriously thick would interpret this post as a an attempt to smear the SNP. Fortunately, all our readers are too intelligent to fall into that category.

      1. Tut Tut Admin-I was not referring to the specific post but to the many attacks on the SNP by Labour (& others) because the SNP accepted money from Souter.

        As most will realise the intention of the attackers IS to suggest that there is a strong homophobic element in the SNP which I (and one assumes the late Edwin Morgan) don’t believe.

        As you rightly say (though I suppose you don’t mean it 🙂
        I am probably not seriously thick (at least Edwin Morgan did not seem to think so 🙂

      2. Poor taste admin, poor taste.

        Accusing Alex Salmond of being homophobic is way over the top.

        That false accusation does damage to the Labour party. I would pause and reflect on that.

  3. Isn’t it only Labour leaders who cosy up to murdering dictators? Deals in the desert anyone?

  4. have we learnt nothing from all this negativity. we should be really carefull about allways asociating souter with the snp, we only have to note that Ed is saying it was wrong to give goodwin a knighthood (its wrong to give anybody one, in my opinion). leave american style politics out of this and lets try to be positive in our arguements. we wont persuade many voters to come back to us, if this is our level of debate. funny how all the so called ‘high heid yins’ are falling over themselves to say they opposed everything that was done under labour.

  5. The BIG IRONY of course is that the British labour party itself supports the SDLP – yes that’s right, an Irish Nationalist party.

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