Sarwar: UK budget must support Scottish business

Anas Sarwar today said the Tories must outline a clear recovery plan for businesses to help protect and create jobs.

The Scottish Labour leader highlighted that over 57,000 businesses and 119,000 jobs rely on three sectors which are least confident of recovery in 2021.

He also announced he will be launching a ‘Scottish Labour Business Network’ to rebuild the party’s relationship with employers across the country, which will be led by former Trade Minister Brian Wilson.

Mr Sarwar said Scottish Labour under his leadership will be pro-business, recognising this is vital to job creation.

Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar said: 

“This UK Budget must rebuild the country’s economic foundations, with a plan to protect jobs and businesses. The top priority for governments in both Edinburgh and London must be bringing our country together so that we can recover from the pandemic.

Labour is committed to delivering growth across the entire UK, supporting our high streets to thrive, and protecting family finances. We understand that having good businesses is vital to creating good jobs, which is why under my leadership we will be a pro-business party – and I will work hard to rebuild our party’s relationship with employers.

We will soon launch a Scottish Labour Business Network to engage with the business community, alongside our trade union partners, so that we can generate new ideas to rebuild the economy.”

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One thought on “Sarwar: UK budget must support Scottish business

  1. Brian Wilson? It Is not a healthy sign that Sarwar is having to fall back on a former MP who left parliament and public life 16 years ago. Is Labour so bereft of current talent within their ranks that they are having to fall back on those from the Blair era? So much for building for the future.

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