Scotland is already divided enough

Responding to Nicola Sturgeon’s speech this morning, Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale said:

“Scotland is already divided enough. We do not want to be divided again, but that is exactly what another independence referendum would do.

Two years ago, 85 per cent of Scotland’s voters took part in the independence referendum and the result was a clear vote to remain in the UK.

With our country facing all of the uncertainty around the Tories’ reckless plans for a hard Brexit, the last thing we need is even more uncertainty and division.

A clear majority of the people of Scotland voted to reject the SNP’s false hope and lies, and backed working together with the other nations of the UK.

The reality is that leaving the UK would mean turbo-charged austerity for Scotland, putting the future of our schools and hospitals at risk.

Labour believes that together we’re stronger. That is why we firmly oppose a second referendum and Scottish Labour MSPs will vote against the SNP’s proposals next week. We will stand up for the people of Scotland, who do not want a second independence referendum.

Nicola Sturgeon could have made a passionate case for bringing powers from Brussels to Edinburgh, instead she did what she always does: sought grievance and division.

Scotland deserves better than this. Nicola Sturgeon’s government is presiding over an education system with a growing gap between the richest and the rest, a health service that doesn’t have enough doctors and nurses, and an economy which sees more than 200,000 Scottish children live in poverty.

Scotland would be a better place if the First Minister stopped dividing the country and started actually governing the country.”

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18 thoughts on “Scotland is already divided enough

  1. Scotland wouldn’t be divided if nobody opposed Independence. Answer stop opposing Independence.

  2. Well, the game is on but as Kezia and the Slab Wanderers’ ball is “up oan the slates” they might have a hard time scoring. Ruth no doubt will provide the necessary ladder for retrieval in return for a mixed pumped-up LabTory Queen’s Eleven with Murdo as star dribbler.

  3. Tell you what Labour ,I will give you my response to that load of piffle on the 4th of May ,yer wee minority party is about to become a lot smaller

  4. What is truly sickening about Labour in this entire sorry episode is the fact that we are where we are today because Red Tory Labour failed miserably to oppose the Conservative Tories in England. They failed under Miliband to challenge a worthless pathetic unwanted Conservative Tory party who won less than 27% support across the UK.
    All this whining about the SNP who have done nothing but act in good faith and went out of their way to try and compromise and negotiate a settlement that would give most people what they voted for.
    Labours ONLY answer is to sell out their EU support convictions in order to get straight back into bed with the Tories to defend the utter criminal corruption of the UK State under any and all circumstances.
    Fucking utterly despicable.
    Labour will continue to haemorrhage support because of this and deservedly so. Best for everybody if Red Tory Labour becomes extinct. Perhaps then a New socialist Labour can emerge from the ashes.

  5. Labour in England is united with the Tories for Brexit—-no division there.
    England is now as near a one party state as is possible in a western democracy.
    Tory, Labour and UKIP all one big happy family of separatists. And all dictated to and directed by, a right wing media clique owned by Murdoch and other Neo Con creeps.

    Now we have the Tories, Labour and Lib Dumb branch offices in Scotland telling their English MP’s in Westminster to block Scotland from exorcising their right to self determination, AFTER the Scottish parliament passes a referendum Bill..
    This can only end in tears for British nationalists like Davidson, Dugdale and Rennie. There is no way you can sit on the aspirations of an entire population.
    Britain has made no effort to keep Scotland in the Union. Their attitude is one of contempt and high handedness.

  6. So why did Kez say that she would allow her MSPs / MPs to vote whatever way they chose, if there was a second independence referendum?

    Has Scotland only become a divided country since Kez made this statement?

    Because she made it AFTER the 1st referendum.

    Will her MSP’s MPs still have the freedom to think for themselves on this momentous occasion, or will Kez do their thinking for them?

    Do you think rounding up your MSP’s like a group of primary school kids to tell them how they need to act, will show them as a bunch of weak willed yes-men (and women)?

    Does Slabour have a single political strategist who understands how silly and petty Kez comes across to the voters?

    I mean c’mon!

    Has Kez published the abuse and bile she has claimed she received all day, on twitter? Several people have said they have searched her twitter timeline and found no abuse whatsoever.

    Calls from them to Kez to publish these abusive texts have gone unanswered up ’till now, but I’m sure she will publish them as soon as she has finished handing them over to the police.

    I’m sure the Labour supporters who frequent Labour Hame will also be keen to see them published.

    Unless like most people suspect, you know the claims of abuse are an, early indication that Scottish Labour will attempt to use the same smear tactics the Better Together under Tory Rule campaign, used during the first referendum, and look where that got you!

    So Labour activists, do you really want to be a part of that?

  7. Oh and I’m sure all the Slab voters and activists such as Duncan will wish to be united today, on the day that the Westminster parliament has just voted to use the 3 million European citizens who live in the UK, as bargaining chips, if Europe plays hard ball in the Brexit negotiations.

    The Tories have now been handed the power to deport all 3 million if the negotiations don’t go the way they want. with the brexiters screetching for action if the EU plays hard, and UKIP beginning to rise in the polls, does any Labour party member/voter have full confidence that Mother Teresa May, won’t buckle under the pressure and begin to deport our friends and neighbours from Europe?

    I’m so looking forward to what the ‘Internationalists’ among you say will be your response if the Tories begin to do this, will you demand that Ian Murray marches through the House of Commons to Abstain?

    Oh what have you done Labour in Scotland…you have become nothing more than the Tory Parties Political Cannon Fodder…

    …Hang your heads in shame!

  8. I notice both Labour and the Ruth Davidson No Surrender Party are both using what I assume they believe to be the great line, ‘turbo-charged austerity’ Did you come up with that one together?

    You can repeat your mantras all you want, no mandate – get on with the day job – more division – turbo-charged austerity – no appetite for a referendum – stronger/better/super fantastic together. Nobody is listening to you any more

    Keep rubbishing the Scottish Health Service, Scottish Education System, Scottish Police Service and the Scottish Government, it’s working well

    So sad to see Labour become the Labour and Unionist Party

  9. “Scotland is already divided enough”.

    Is there some sort of standard by which the level of division is measured? Is there a “Goldilocks” zone on this standard that we should be aiming for?

    Or is this just the usual empty Kezia rhetoric that flies in the face of much of what she has said before (I don’t say “all” as she has contradicted herself bewilderingly often)?

    Western Democracy is inherently divisive. If its not divisive its not working. Its quite incredible Unionists are unable to grasp this simple concept.

  10. Off to town now to buy some holiday Euros. Better get them before that other Govt invokes Article 50 and Sterling gets flushed down the toilet.

  11. Well Labour it looks like Nicola has gave you one last chance to redeem yourselves, its a simple choice, you either back Scotland or the fucking tories.

    And their is no get-out clause – chose.

  12. Another No vote will see Scotland divided even more when Devolution is repealed and the Scottish Parliament is closed down.

    The threat of Independence forced the UK establishment to grant Devolution with the threat removed there would be no more reason for the UK establishment to maintain the pretence of Devolution.

    The Tories have always been anti Devo. A No vote would give them all the mandate they would need to end it. No more SNP Government to contend with.
    Question is where would Labour in Scotland stand on the issue of the closure of the Scottish Parliament? Union at all costs?

  13. I think I would have listened to Kezia Dugdale, if she’d said – “With our country facing all of the uncertainty around the Tories’ reckless plans for a hard Brexit, we have an alternative plan, and here it is…”
    But no, just more empty rhetoric. Grievance politics. Are her advisors not telling her this?

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