Scottish Labour is back – Dugdale

Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale today hailed her party’s stunning success in the General Election. Just two years after losing all but one seat in Scotland, Ms Dugdale said ‘Scottish Labour is back’.

She said the result showed that voters responded to Labour’s pro-Union, anti-austerity vision of a future for the many, not the few. Ms Dugdale said Theresa May had ‘gambled and lost spectacularly’ and should now resign.

With Nicola Sturgeon suffering a catastrophic result, Ms Dugdale said the result is the ‘final nail in the coffin’ for plans for a second independence referendum, and the First Minister must now ‘get back to the day job’.

In a remarkable general election for Scottish Labour:

  • Around a quarter of Labour’s gains across the UK were in Scotland.
  • Edinburgh South victor Ian Murray secured the largest parliamentary majority in Scotland.
  • Labour won back Glasgow North East just two years after the SNP broke the BBC’s swingometer in the seat in 2015.
  • Labour staged a stunning recovery in the polls, rising from just 13 per cent in April to 27 per cent.

Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale said:

“This was a stunning General Election result that proves Scottish Labour is back.

Just two years after we were nearly wiped out in Scotland, we have staged a remarkable recovery and overturned some gigantic SNP majorities, and pushed the Nationalists incredibly close in many seats.

I am incredibly proud of the campaign we ran in Scotland, which focused on our belief that together we’re stronger with Scotland as part of the UK, coupled with Jeremy Corbyn’s positive vision of a country for the many, not the few.

We now have seven MPs from diverse backgrounds who will do a fantastic job standing up for their constituents in Westminster.

Theresa May has gambled and lost spectacularly and she should now resign as Prime Minister – and Ruth Davidson should tell her that.

As for the SNP, this was a catastrophic result and is the final nail in the coffin for Nicola Sturgeon’s plans for a divisive second independence referendum. She must now immediately abandon that plan and get back to the day job of running our schools and hospitals.”

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4 thoughts on “Scottish Labour is back – Dugdale

  1. Sigh, Labour came 3rd in Scotland and the SNP came first, and they only did that well because of Corbyn not Kez. I’m sure if you’re trying to convince your readers or yourself about this

  2. This is an election that did not need to be called. In Scotland the dominant party the SNP lost over 20 seats. Labour who were supposed to get wiped out picked up seats . In Scotland the public were telling us all the way through they are fed up with talk of brexit and another Indy ref,
    Well last night the SNP got told that to. Before anyone tells me this is an anti SNP rant its not . John Swinney and Nicola said Indy cost them.
    Nicola was a Nationalist before it was fashionable. All recent members are used to success this result is a reality check for them. How will they react when they realize that Independence is on the back burner. Its the thing that holds them together, Jeremy Corbyn was the one who was supposed to step aside this morning.
    Instead the knives are out for the PM the UKIP leader has gone. Labour members are in great spirits .
    For 2 weeks the Labour Manifesto was the story Then the Tory manifesto was the story and it was a disaster
    In Scotland we have to ask ourselves why did the Tories get 13 seats. For me people were saying no to Indy and thinking Labour were not going to deliver voted Tory
    Labour now need to prove we have the ability and the vision to move beyond that.
    Prove we can deliver and be competent enough to deliver on the NHS pensions jobs schools etc .
    With the NHS maybe a commission to take it out of political hands
    Do what the NATS do if there is something we like in their plan put it to parliament make them vote things down they want
    Nicola had a bad result last night some of the people who lost might not go quietly the FM has to keep the members happy
    Their used to be a saying you will get a visit from the men in grey suits. Maybe they will visit the PM
    Or maybe the men in grey kilts will visit the fm.
    And I think we should be ready for another quick election

  3. You’re telling us that 35 MPs out of 59, more than all the other parties put together, is a catastrophe? And this from a party which once had 50 and now has 7. Too much spinning has made you dizzy.

  4. The SNP won but with vastly reduced majorities everywhere.
    This has resulted in some very deep thinking at the top of the SNP. John Swinney and the FM have both said they need to reflect on Indy 2,
    Alec Neil has called the result miserable for the SNP and has said they need to rethink the Indy Ref 2 policy.
    Is he speaking for the leadership. Trying to get a message to the members. Kenny Mackaskill has said the SNP CEO needs to be replaced within a year. But remember the 1 guy who was supposed to go was Jeremy Corbyn he is the leader who came out of this with credit

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