Scottish Tory leader says Osborne’s tax credits cut will cause unnecessary suffering

STV reports that Ruth Davidson MSP, leader of the the Scottish Conservatives, has said the cuts to tax credits create “a real practical human problem” and urged the UK government to “look again at it”.

Commenting on the remarks, Scottish Labour’s Public Services Spokesperson Jackie Baillie said:

“After weeks of defending the cuts I hope this is a real change of heart from Ruth Davidson. Maybe weeks of pressure from Scottish Labour has made her see sense. Whilst it shouldn’t have taken so long for Ruth Davidson to realise that it is wrong to punish up to 350,000 working families in Scotland by slashing their income, it’s a welcome development that she has changed her mind.

Tax credits work. It’s why the Labour Government introduced them in the first place. They help those in low paid jobs and ensure work pays.

George Osborne’s plan to slash tax credits will hurt the poorest families in Scotland whilst the richest will see more money in their pocket. This is Robin Hood in reverse, taking from the poor to give to the rich.

After five years of the Tory Government and eight years of the SNP Government, the gap between the richest and the rest in our country is still unacceptably high. These cuts to tax credits will only make it worse.”

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2 thoughts on “Scottish Tory leader says Osborne’s tax credits cut will cause unnecessary suffering

  1. And once again let me remind everybody who voted No this is what you voted No for.
    This is us being “Better Together”.

  2. Labour stood with the Tories,and accepted “budget responsibility” (austerity) in principle.Jackie Baillie being…well…Jackie Baillie.

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