Swinney moves on deadline for cuts to local services

John Swinney has moved his deadline for Scottish councils to accept his cuts to local services.

With the SNP budget set to impose £500 million of cuts on local services like schools and social care Mr Swinney has written to every council leader in Scotland moving from his deadline of January 22nd for an agreement on funding.

Scottish Labour said that delays in the agreement on local budgets were because of massive cuts being imposed on local authorities by the SNP Government.

The move comes as Alex Bell, the former head of policy for the SNP Government calls for the Council tax to be scrapped and follows on from Nicola Sturgeon’s poverty advisor recommending that the council tax freeze end.

Scottish Labour Communities spokesperson Ken Macintosh said:

“It’s no surprise that John Swinney is running into trouble trying to get local leaders to agree to his plans – his cuts would be absolutely disastrous for families across Scotland.

Cosla have already estimated that the half a billion pounds worth of cuts would cost Scotland 15,000 jobs

That figure does not begin to consider the services people will lose because of SNP government cuts – services like schools and social care which families across Scotland rely on.

John Swinney  has backed down on the ludicrous timetable he set after locally elected representatives told him in short order what they thought of his so-called consultation, but he needs to re-think these proposed cuts.  Local residents and council workers alike are angry and alarmed and they are looking to the SNP Government at Holyrood to revisit these Budget proposals.

Labour will set out our plans for a fairer alternative to the council tax in the coming months, but advisors to the SNP government past and present are making clear that the SNP should have been much more radical on local tax reform years ago.

After nearly a decade in office and a majority in parliament the SNP aren’t rejecting austerity – they are accepting it and trying to impose it on our local services.”

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7 thoughts on “Swinney moves on deadline for cuts to local services

  1. So cash strapped councils sitting on £1.8bn of cash reserves that can be used to support cash management……

    are now bleating about the very cuts the Labour Party supported in the Fiscal Charter vote in the house of commons in January this year

    cuts of £30bn which passed by a majority of almost 500 (virtually all Labour MPs voted for the Tory bill)

    and rather than now dip into these cash reserves …set aside for a rainy day ….which arrived some time ago….

    They expect the Scottish Government to continue to support councils as normal and make cuts to other areas….such as the NHS to compensate for their profligate spending and bloated management structures….

    Labour’s chronic inability to mount an effective opposition in the UK Parliament has come home to roost and we all now have to pay for it

      1. The article you cite is also wrong, the OBR confirmed that the charter would require £30bn of cuts or tax rises to achieve
        Labour did vote for the Charter in January of this year as was outlined in the parliamentary debate prior to the vote. where the £30bn of cuts was repeatedly stated

        note clearly the section at the head of the article stating ” Division No. 129 Ayes 512 Noes 18″

        If Labour did not vote for the division then how was the figure of 512 achievable?
        Now……you can try to argue with Hansard if you like

        as to the last bit
        “You think the NHS is guilty of profligate spending do you?”

        really? I accused the council of profligate spending yet wanting the same money as before….this would involve the money coming from other areas of the budget…..the NHS being one…..

        nice try

        1. “or tax rises”. So in fact not what you said.

          Labour went into the general election with a plan to increase taxes on property and on higher earners, rather than make the cuts the Tories planned.

          Nicola Sturgeon agrees the CBR does not require £30bn cuts. You disagree with her because you’re stuck in a desperate, anti-Labour rant.

          1. ““or tax rises”. So in fact not what you said.”

            Any old rabbit hole……….the debate repeatedly mentioned cuts, the press repeatedly mentioned cuts…..Labour’s tax rises amounted to nowhere near £30bn and admitted by Chukka Umuna, Balls et al that cuts would be needed….just not as severe….

            Either way

            Labour voted for it, all the while knowing the Tories would use it for cuts (they were open about it, and Labour fantacised about tax hikes, whilst admitting they would cut when pressed by journalists….

            and Labour voted for the cuts

            as stated by milliband

  2. “Mr Galbraith”, I salute you.

    You just handed Dunky H his nuts and this article, neatly wrapped up in the scrotum of labour bullshit.

    Keep up the good work.

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