Theresa May is playing into Nicola Sturgeon’s hands

As Theresa May marks 100 days in Downing Street today, Scottish Labour has accused her of threatening the Union she vowed to protect.

On the steps of Number Ten, the Prime Minister spoke of the ‘precious’ Union between the four nations of the UK. But Scottish Labour’s Westminster spokesperson Ian Murray MP said the increasingly right-wing rhetoric, xenophobia, and failure to plan for Brexit has created divisions on which the SNP thrives.

He said it is the Conservative Party, as well as the SNP, which is to blame for the threat of a second independence referendum.

Ian Murray MP said:

“Ever since the morning of September 19, 2014, the Tories have undermined our Union. English Votes for English Laws – a kneejerk reaction to UKIP’s English nationalism – has created two classes of MPs for the first time, and the Tories were responsible for a despicable general election campaign which sought to divide the Scots and the English.

The Tories completely failed to produce a plan for Brexit and, nearly four months on, Labour has produced 170 questions they must answer.

Since Theresa May entered Downing Street, the Tory Party has become increasingly in thrall to a band of Brexit fanatics, obsessed by immigration, with the chilling suggestion that firms should be forced to reveal how many migrant workers they employ.

In July, the Commons voted overwhelmingly in support of a Labour motion urging the Government to commit to giving EU nationals currently living in the UK the right to remain. This week, unforgivably, the Tory government voted against giving EU nationals the guarantees they deserve. That shows just how far to the right they’ve gone in just a few months.

This increasingly right-wing xenophobic Conservative Party has created the divisions in this country that Scottish nationalists thrive on.

Theresa May said the Union was ‘precious’ to her – but 100 days on, it is her actions that have put the Union at risk once again.

Scottish Labour is the only party that stands for what the majority of Scots want – remaining part of the UK and maintaining our relationship with Europe.”

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4 thoughts on “Theresa May is playing into Nicola Sturgeon’s hands

  1. Labour has produced 170 questions that they must answer, hahaha no they don’t.

    Immediately after the brexit vote would have been the time to ask questions, while the Tories were totally disorganized.

    But instead labour was to busy backstabbing their leader (how did that go for you!), and here in Scotland labour is going to back the Tories against Scotland if their is another referendum for Scottish independence..

    Either the Tories or SCOTLAND.


  2. This article raises more questions than answers. No surprise really, given the shambles Labour/Scottish Labour/Corbynites/Blairites find themselves in.
    “Tories…despicable….election campaign….divide the Scots and the English”—-of course Labour could have neutralised that racist tripe by accepting they would enter Downing Street with the support of the SNP, just as they have previously accepted support from the SDLP at Westminster, and formed a coalition with Plaid in Wales. But hypocrisy stopped them.

    “The Tories failed….a plan….for Brexit” Labour may have a question or two down south, but Scottish Labour have also failed to produce any coherent plan for Scotland’s position of wishing to stay in the EU by two to one.

    “Chilling suggestion….firms be forced to reveal how many migrant workers they employ”. —-“British jobs for British workers”? The old BNP slogan still sends a chill up my back, I wonder why?

    EU Nationals—as with so much of this since Brexit, Labour MP’s have sent out mixed messages of being “anti this or pro that”, depending on how strong UKIP is in certain Labour areas, especially in the North of England. They have also been well behind the SNP in condemning the xenophobia exhibited by this present Westminster regime, and their hardline Brexit stance.

    What divisions have the Tories created that Scottish Nationalists ( presumably the SNP) “thrive on”? Labour also has an “English” wing wishing to fight for stronger “English” representation and rights, which I have no problem with.
    Scottish Labour asserted during the Scottish independence referendum that Scotland was an “equal” partner in the Union, yet they say little when the Tories go ahead with cutting Scotland out of the loop in Brexit talks. No Tory representing the interests of the Scottish, Welsh or N Irish Offices will be represented on the Cabinet Brexit Committee. Not a bleep from Labour. What constitutional rights does Scotland have in this process, Mr Murray? Some ? None?

    Scottish Labour is the only party that stands for what the majority of Scots want—-whit pish is this now?
    We know Scottish Labour want Scotland to remain in thrall to London—– because they have no other constitutional proposal, and they have fought tooth and nail against the little Scotland has.
    What does “maintaining our relationship with Europe” mean? Its just waffle.
    Has ANY member of Scottish Labour approached the Government in Westminster with ANY suggestion about Brexit?
    Has ANY member of Scottish Labour approached ANY authority in Brussels at ANY level to discuss Scotland and Brexit, given Scotland’s positive vote?
    Scottish Labour on this issue, has more faces than the toon clock. As usual!

  3. “Scottish Labour is the only party that stands for what the majority of Scots want – remaining part of the UK and maintaining our relationship with Europe.”

    Why can’t Ian Murray at least be accurate? The people of Scotland have voted to remain part of both the UK and the EU.

    Of course, the problem is that both are no longer possible – so what should count more: a 55% vote to remain part of the UK or a 62% vote to remain part of the EU?

    That is why a second independence referendum is necessary to determine what the people of Scotland prefer.

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