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18 thoughts on “Timetable for the leadership election

  1. I smell stitch-up. What kind of balloting takes place BEFORE the candidates have a chance to put their case?

    1. 6 weeks between the end of nominations and hustings and 3 days between hustings and ballots?

      Good grief.

      1. Too right. Beggars belief, doesn’t it?

        I think this looks totally disrespectful to candidates and voters alike.

  2. Im sorry but I have never read as much nonsense as the comments on here. The hustings always starts right away and did so at the last leadership election in 2008. The reference to the above is the party organised hustings that take place at the end of the process after supporting nominations have closed. There will be dozens of hustings organised by unions, local parties etc long before this during what’s called the supporting nominations process. It’s disappointing that Labourhame should choose to mislead people. Or maybe that’s the real motive . Pretend there is some huge conspiracy to get votes Tom….interesting tactic

  3. Wouldn’t it be supreme irony if Tom Harris, one of the most vocal opponents of AV, were to win this leadership election, which I gather is being held under a form of the very system he opposes?

  4. Here is how Ed Miliband got elected;

    The Election Timetable:

    Key dates in the leadership election timetable:

    Monday 24th May: Opening of PLP nominations

    Wednesday 9 June: Close of PLP nominations.

    Thursday 10 June: Deadline of acceptance of nomination by nominated candidates. Supporting nominations open.

    June – July: Hustings will take place.

    Monday 26th July: Close of supporting nominations.

    Wednesday 1st September: Ballot begins to drop

    12.30pm Wednesday 8th September: Freeze date for new members to join.

    5.00pm Wednesday 15th September: Last date to request a replacement ballot

    Saturday 25th September: Announcement of ballot result.

    It would appear that Scottish Labour have gone back to the Victorian era in electing a leader.

    1. I understand there is a desire to get the new leader in place ASAP, but surely it is better to give a little extra time so that we can a) end up with the best possible leader and b) all members and affiliates will feel they can support the leader, after hearign all the candidates in hustings, etc.

      Anything else might make some people feel the new leader lacks legitimacy.

  5. Last week I was wondering if my presence at the one day conference is a good use of my time, would I get the opportunity to get to the platform and if I did would my contribution be so brilliant that it would change the direction the party seems to moving towards. The answer was actually so easy NO.

    The consultation and the forthcoming leadership elections have certainly not filled me with enthusiasm.

    What we require is a more deep rooted revue of the Labour Party in Scotland.

    What do we believe in , what can we offer the Scottish people, certainly not what we offered before, and certainly not a Blarite agenda.

    We need to prove to the people of Scotland we are able to govern without the interference of the UK party.

    Let’s us get it right now and avoid another leadership debacle where we may end up having another leadership election in two years time.

    If I was being honest with myself at this moment in time there are none of the existing candidates that I can support

  6. Let’s be honest about this whole leadership debate, none of the current names being mentioned are up to the job, our best MSPs left to go to Westminster, we were left with, exception of a few, third rate politicians.

    If I was to ask anyone in The East Of Scotland who are they, there is more chance that they would know the current X Factor contestants.

    As a party activist for over 30 years I think we, the loyal party members deserve better.

    I am sure that there are many who feel likewise,the party let us down in May’s election,we did not let the party down.

  7. It looks like that Ed Miliband has already picked a de-facto Scottish Labour leader. Shadow Scottish Secretary Margaret Curran has been selected to lead ‘Team Scotland’.

    What now for Tom Harris, Ken Macintosh and Johann Lamont?

    How can they be captain of the team when they are not even on the substitutes’ bench!

  8. Nice photo in Daily Recird today.

    While I would agree that there are some good people there, the timing is beyond me, I feel like its time to just give up, sit back and hope that Scotland cheer me up tonight.

    1. It would appear that Ed Miliband has deliberately undermined the Scottish Labour leadership election in setting up ‘Team Scotland’ with Margaret Curran as team leader.

      Here is what Ms Curran has to say Team Scotland’s role, “We’ll be working closely with Scottish Labour MSPs at Holyrood, making sure that Labour are now the only party able to have dedicated spokespersons on all policy areas, reserved and devolved.”

      Team Scotland is set to increase it’s membership and rule.

      Any elected Scottish Labour leader will now be seen by many in the party as being a puppet.

      How many in the party saw this coming?

  9. Mac

    I totally agree

    “Things can only get better”

    Yet again the Scottish Party is being undermined, this website over the past few months has demonstrated that activists want change, this decision only goes further to demonstrate how out of touch the party is.

  10. I’m afraid this entire election has been extended beyond its ‘sell-by date’. With all the publicity following Grays resignation, any further press and media coverage of this event will only disengage potential Labour supporters even more.

    A new leader should have been in place a week after the Holyrood elections, and not this circus that we are being subjected to.

    1. As you say a properly run election should have taken place by now for a Scottish Labour leader with properly constituted powers. Instead we have ‘Team Scotland’ appointed, based and run from London.

      The problem, as ever, is that it is still all about Labour and not about Scotland.

  11. Can anyone explain to me what is going on just now, Ian Davidson has declared himself as a candidate in the deputy leadership.

    Oh I have got it Right against Left or Glasgow Politics someone needs to get a grip or the party will go into free fall

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