Will Ruth Davidson join Tory rebellion over tax credits cuts?

Ruth Davidson has been challenged to join the growing chorus of opposition to the Tory Government’s plan to cut tax credits that would see up to 350,000 working families in Scotland lose out.

The former Tory Cabinet Minister Andrew Mitchell yesterday suggested the cuts should be “tweaked” because of the impact the current plan would have on working families. Labour will hold an opposition day debate on tax credits in the House of Commons tomorrow.

Ruth Davidson has previously said she supported the cuts to the incomes of up to 350,000 families in Scotland but wanted to see more detail. Experts have been clear that cuts to tax credits will punish working families.

Labour’s Public Services Spokesperson Jackie Baillie said:

“Tax credits work. It’s why the Labour Government introduced them in the first place. They help those in low paid jobs and ensure work pays.

George Osborne’s plan to slash tax credits will hurt the poorest families in Scotland whilst the richest will see more money in their pocket. This is Robin Hood in reverse, taking from the poor to give to the rich.

The so called national living wage from the Tories is a sham, and it was under Ruth Davidson’s leadership that the Tories voted against extending the real living wage to more low paid jobs in Scotland last year.

Ruth Davidson passed up the chance to oppose these cuts to tax credits at the Tory conference. With senior Tories like Andrew Mitchell speaking out, Ruth Davidson now has another opportunity to do the right thing and stand up to George Osborne.

After five years of the Tory Government and eight years of the SNP Government, the gap between the richest and the rest in our country is still unacceptably high. These cuts to tax credits will only make it worse.”

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