Young: Aberdeen needs someone who will stand up for the City

Responding to the SNP’s launch in Aberdeen today, Willie Young, Scottish Labour’s candidate in Aberdeen Donside, said:

Willie Young

“The only thing Alex Salmond is interested in protecting is the majority he needs to keep the Scottish Parliament talking endlessly about separation and ignoring the priorities of ordinary Scots.

“The people of Aberdeen Donside know all about Alex Salmond’s record of delivery – he has has failed to deliver the college places we need, the infrastructure investment we need, and the fair share of funding we need to meet this city’s potential.

“Even the SNP choice of venue for this launch highlights the party’s neglect of the city – sorting out the mess the SNP administration made of the Aberdeen Exhibition Centre was one of the first things Labour did.

“The SNP has taken this area for granted for too long – our city needs someone who will stand up to Alex Salmond and stand up for Aberdeen.

“The people of this area have a clear choice – send Aberdeen’s man to the Scottish Parliament to fight for this city or keep Alex Salmond’s man in Aberdeen to argue for independence.”



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