Drew Smith to step down as an MSP in 2016

Glasgow Labour MSP Drew Smith will not seek re-election in 2016.

In a statement Smith said:

“I have confirmed to the Scottish Labour Party’s General Secretary, Brian Roy, that I will not be seeking re-selection as a candidate for another 5 year term in the Scottish Parliament.

It has been an enormous privilege to serve as an MSP for Glasgow over the last four and a half years. For me, being an elected representative has been a privilege more than a personal ambition.

It goes almost without saying that it’s been an exciting and challenging time in Scottish politics, representing Glasgow has been my highlight, but I am grateful for the other opportunities I have had too, particularly serving as Chair of the Trades Union Group of Labour MSPs since 2011 and especially to have had a small part in the campaign for equal marriage which was won in this Parliament.

I am thankful first of all to my brilliant staff team as well as to many party members, parliamentary colleagues and former parliamentarians for their support and the encouragement that I have had, including from friends in other parties. I’m looking forward to finding new challenges in 2016 with real gratitude for the privilege and opportunity which I have had.

My office team and I will continue to do our very best for the remainder of the term, and I will continue to support my friend, Kez Dugdale, as she leads the campaign for a strong team of Labour MSPs in the next Parliament. I will do everything I can to fully support her and her plan to renew the Scottish Labour Party.”

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